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These custom websites are designed and built to meet your goals and provide your customers with a streamlined experience.

$1,549.00add to cart

One Click Payments with Paypal
First Review: Average project completion: 2 weeks

Shopping is fast for customers who select and purchase via Paypal.  New customer Paypal accounts can be set up in less than two minutes, connecting to any major credit card.

  • 1 home page
  • List up to 12 products
  • Select a shipping method
  • Accepts payments Mastercard & Visa
  • Payments deposited into US bank account



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Convenient Shopping Cart Package for Quotes
First Review: Average project completion: 6 weeks

Make shopping easier for your customers by displaying products and specifications online. Customers can add products to the cart, the business will be notified of the “quote request” and manually reply with a firm quote.  The customer is invited to accept the quote and pay on account or COD.

  • 1 home page
  • Product pages
  • List up to 250 products
  • 1 Bulk upload sessions to list your 250 products
  • 1 Hour’s data entry support
  • Add products to cart for a quote
  • Coupon codes accepted
  • Select a detailed shipping method

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Gainful Shopping Cart
First Review: Average project completion: 12 weeks

Want to sell your products or services online using a streamline process? We can build a safe and secure website that processes transactions and makes a direct deposit to any major bank in The Bahamas.

  • 1 home page
  • Product pages
  • List up to 500 products
  • 2 Bulk upload sessions to list your 500 products
  • 2 Hour’s data entry support
  • Coupon codes accepted
  • Select a detailed shipping method
  • Accepts payments Mastercard & Visa
  • Payments deposited into Bahamas bank account

Additional deliverables:

  • All liaison with the payment processor including site testing.
  • All liaison with RBC Ecommerce Department related to the site going live.
  • Support with writing Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy to meet bank specifications.
  • SSL certificate to protect your site for one year.

What is not included and should be considered:

  • Site building for mobile phones.
  • Website hosting.
  • Delivery scheduling for customers to select, related to selling products (optional upgrade).
  • Customer nurturing and sequencing.
  • Setting up a merchant bank account with your bank.
  • Bank one-time to set up an ecommerce platform.
  • Bank credit card charges on all transactions.
  • Edits or maintenance once the site goes live.

In all advantageous E-COMMERCE PACKAGES you will get:

  • A 10-minute online survey; Tell us what you want to achieve with your website, share links of sites you like with us, provide your logo and approved text.
  • First Review: 5 days after survey completed
  • Two original website layouts will be designed for you to consider.
  • Four unique rotating banners will be designed, please choose two.
  • Request up to two sets of design revisions.  Select one design to apply to your revision.
  • Up to two stock photos purchased to support your graphic layouts.
  • One domain name registration for 1 year.
  • Your website will be built as a responsive design (shows on tablets and ipads without scrolling)
  • We create the code and embed Google Analytics in your website so you can track what your users are doing.
  • A 5-minute online survey; Tell us what words you expect people to use when they search for you on Google. We will use this information to create basic SEO (search engine optimization) and embed it in your website.
  • Passwords to access Google Analytics and your website backend are handed over at the end of the project. You need this information for maintenance in the future.
  • We back up your site one month after completion and keep it on file.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Will my website work on a smart phone?

Yes, but unless it is built specifically for a smart phone it will require scrolling to navigate the site.

Upgrade to Mobile Design and we design a second version of your website that is optimized for smart phones without scrolling.

Please note: mobile designed websites rank above those that are NOT mobile friendly on Google as of April 2015. What does this mean?

All of our website packages include Responsive Design. This enables your website to automatically adjust to an iPad, tablet or large TV screen without scrolling.

 After the site is built, how much will it cost?

Hosting your website, emails, and domain with Pure Salt via GoDaddy is very price competitive.  Expect to pay under $150 per year with 5 emails, one domain name and hosting for one website. GoDaddy will invoice you via email with payments accepted online.

 Who owns my website?

You do!

After the creation and completion of your website, you own it, completely.

There are no additional or hidden charges after project completion.  You will be given passwords and backend website access after your final payment is made.

 How do I look after my website?

Ongoing web maintenance is available with Pure Salt Design. Check out our packages online to meet your needs and budget.

 What does that mean? - Hosting

Go Daddy offers hosting services to enable access to your website on the Internet.  You will get an invoice every year from GoDaddy to renew your hosting if you want your website to stay live on the web.

 What does that mean? - Emails

We offer email creation services:, including set up of individual or group email accounts, passwords, and easy to follow instructions. Our email plans come with unlimited email storage.

 What does that mean? - Maintenance

Website maintenance is like servicing your car; you can service based on the recommended maintenance schedule or you wait until it doesn’t start.  The latter can be very inconvenient and more costly.

If you don’t maintain the site, it will eventually start breaking down

  • Graphics, images and text disappear.
  •  Text and images won’t show as they should.
  •  Loading is slow.
  •  You can get hacked because the platform is not updated and secure.

Please note, e-commerce must be maintained to secure online payments.

 What does that mean? - Site Security

When Pure Salt Design sets up the hosting and passwords with Go Daddy we have maximum security in mind.  If you choose to set up your own hosting or use another hosting company, we take no responsibility for the potential consequences associated with the account.