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remind your customers why they buy from you! LOYALTY PACKAGE
First Review: 20 days

Put a fresh spin on how you do things; create a loyalty card and provide a promotional card with a unique code to receive in-store benefits.  We often forget to say “thank you!” to our customers, remind them why they buy from you and that you appreciate their patronage.

  • Make Connections Business Card Design, designed as a loyalty card
  • Convenient rack card 9 x 4”
  • One strip newspaper ads, saying “thank you”

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refresh your company's look! REBRANDING PACKAGE
First Review: 20 days

Refresh the look and feel of your business with an updated logo.  Share your new look on your business cards.

  • Effective 5 Piece Logo package
  • Make Connections Business Card Design
  • 500 Printed Business Cards shipped to a Florida address

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build the momentum! FACEBOOK PACKAGE
First Review: 20 days

Achieve measurable results from your Facebook page with promotional support.

  • One time, set up your Facebook page
  • The Supportive Package for 6 months
Frequently Asked Questions

 Will my website work on a smart phone?

Yes, but unless it is built specifically for a smart phone it will require scrolling to navigate the site.

Upgrade to Mobile Design and we design a second version of your website that is optimized for smart phones without scrolling.

Please note: mobile designed websites rank above those that are NOT mobile friendly on Google as of April 2015. What does this mean?

All of our website packages include Responsive Design. This enables your website to automatically adjust to an iPad, tablet or large TV screen without scrolling.

 After the site is built, how much will it cost?

Hosting your website, emails, and domain with Pure Salt via GoDaddy is very price competitive.  Expect to pay under $150 per year with 5 emails, one domain name and hosting for one website. GoDaddy will invoice you via email with payments accepted online.

 Who owns my website?

You do!

After the creation and completion of your website, you own it, completely.

There are no additional or hidden charges after project completion.  You will be given passwords and backend website access after your final payment is made.

 How do I look after my website?

Ongoing web maintenance is available with Pure Salt Design. Check out our packages online to meet your needs and budget.

 What does that mean? - Hosting

Go Daddy offers hosting services to enable access to your website on the Internet.  You will get an invoice every year from GoDaddy to renew your hosting if you want your website to stay live on the web.

 What does that mean? - Emails

We offer email creation services:, including set up of individual or group email accounts, passwords, and easy to follow instructions. Our email plans come with unlimited email storage.

 What does that mean? - Maintenance

Website maintenance is like servicing your car; you can service based on the recommended maintenance schedule or you wait until it doesn’t start.  The latter can be very inconvenient and more costly.

If you don’t maintain the site, it will eventually start breaking down

  • Graphics, images and text disappear.
  •  Text and images won’t show as they should.
  •  Loading is slow.
  •  You can get hacked because the platform is not updated and secure.

Please note, e-commerce must be maintained to secure online payments.

 What does that mean? - Site Security

When Pure Salt Design sets up the hosting and passwords with Go Daddy we have maximum security in mind.  If you choose to set up your own hosting or use another hosting company, we take no responsibility for the potential consequences associated with the account.